2018 Trends in Halloween Costumes

With Halloween tomorrow, it’s the perfect time to make your last-minute costumes. We saw a lot of popular TV shows and movies during 2018, all of which make great options for costumes. Other popular trends throughout the year can make for great costumes too, if you don’t want to pull inspiration from TV. Below we have listed a few popular shows and trends from 2018 to inspire your Halloween costume this year.

  1. Game of Thrones
    This medieval drama has become one of the most popular shows of all time. The characters are easily recognizable with their braided hair styles and long dresses, or their furry jackets and painted faces. With so many different characters in the show, a costume can be made for every level of effort you may want to put in.
  2. Inside Out
    The characters from this move each represent a different emotion, dressed in all one color. Choose your favorite character or emotion and replicate their color-themed outfit.
  3. Stranger Things
    The 80’s theme throughout this show can make it fun and easy to dress up as one of it’s characters. If you can’t decide who you want to be, a shirt painted with letters of the alphabet and Christmas lights is an easy and creative alternative.
  4. Riverdale
    This show based off of the Archie comics has famous characters, each with their own iconic style. Find whose style matches your own so you can use clothes from your closet, or easily recreate someone else’s look with just a few pieces of clothing.
  5. The Walking Dead
    There are two main types of costumes that can come from this popular show. One option is to wear old clothes that are torn and dirty, as if you’ve been searching for zombies. The other is to wear really dirty ripped clothing with scary makeup to turn into a zombie yourself.
  6. Emoji
    Simple felt cutouts on a yellow shirt can quickly turn you into your favorite emoji. If you can’t choose your favorite emoticon, wear all black and paste cutouts of different ones to your clothes.
  7. Holy Guacamole
    One of the most popular food trends seemed to be the avocado and with it, guacamole. Have some fun with a play on words with this super easy costume. Wear a green t-shirt with a brown circle drawn on for the pit. Then wear a halo and some wings, to add the holy to the guacamole. 

    Halloween is a fun holiday for people of every age groups, especially for kids who get to go trick-or-treating. Whatever you may decide to dress up as, we wish you a safe and fun holiday.