Wheels for Peyton

Peyton McGrath in his wheelchair

Peyton McGrath is a 15-year old young man from Pennsylvania who has Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy. He will soon be turning 16, a time when many kids are gaining independence through the ability to drive by themselves. Although he is excited by this opportunity, he will need a much more specialized vehicle than most.

Just this August, he was approved through his health insurance to get a power wheelchair. While this gave him incredible freedom and mobility, it also posed a challenge for his family, who had no way of transporting a chair that was so much larger and heavier than before.

Despite finding a quick solution, the 2005 Odyssey they purchased continuously broke down, making it impossible to get to vital surgeon and doctor appointments. His power wheelchair mostly now sits in their garage as there’s no reliable and safe way to transport both it and Peyton to where they need to go. The lack of reliable transportation is not only making it extremely difficult for Peyton to get to his doctor’s appointments, but to also maintain the freedom granted by his powerchair and experience his teenage years as he should.

Recently Peyton’s family learned that due to the condition of his health, a hip replacement to ease his constant pain was impossible. Instead, he successfully underwent his eighth surgery yesterday, an alternative which should help keep some mobility in his legs. Between the recovery from his latest surgery and the additional ones forecasted in his future, that vehicle is imperative to his health.

Though his mother works over 60 hours a week, the doctors’ appointments, surgeries, and other medical expenses leave little left to help fund a vehicle for Peyton and his family. In response, his stepfather created a fundraiser, Wheels for Peyton, to try and relieve some of the burden they face. For more information or to help, visit their fundraiser here, or read a local news article on the family here.

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