Muscular Dystrophy Does Not Hold Jack Back!

You will be hard pressed to find a high school student with more drive and determination than Jack Wolf, a Senior at Brecksville/Broadview Heights High School, just south of Cleveland, Ohio. Just a few years ago, Jack earned the prestigious honor of Eagle Scout, he was a state ambassador for Muscular Dystrophy and most recently he and his service dog “Tommy” have gained national media attention as part of their school marching band.

In 2005, Jack was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, but that has never stopped him from chasing his dreams. Jack has been playing the euphonium, a baritone brass horn similar to the tuba, since he was in 5th grade. During his Freshman year, Jack approached his parents about joining the marching band with all of his best friends. His father Brian Wolf designed a contraption out of PVC to hold Jack’s instrument in place, and added a controller to the left side of the wheelchair so Jack would be able to steer and play at the same time. Then all that was left to do was learn all of the songs and marching formations.

Brian Wolf could not be more proud of his son and all that he has accomplished. He talked about the first night that Jack performed as one of his favorite memories. “I remember sitting in the stands just before they went onto the field and hearing parents all around talking about how amazing it was to see Jack on the field. He had several additional challenges to face being in a wheelchair but that has never stopped my son” said Brian Wolf. He is proud that Jack has inspired other students in wheelchairs across the country to join their school’s marching band.

Last month Jack and Tommy traveled to Columbus where Brecksville/Broadview Heights High performed as part of “The Buckeye Invitational”. The all-day performance featured bands from around the state who had the opportunity to open for The Ohio State University marching band at their stadium. One of the greatest traditions in all of sports is the OSU performance of “Script Ohio”, and Jack’s school does their own tribute with the same music to “Script B’s”. Some of Jack’s favorite performances with the marching band include their best of the 80’s night, patriotic performance and their Senior night routine that included songs from the popular bands Nirvana and Backstreet Boys.

After he graduates high school, Jack is interested in pursuing a degree in Marketing at either Ohio State, Akron or Kent State University. He is also learning to drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle with hand controls and hopes to be on the road next spring!

Check out the video below to learn more about Jack’s story:

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments Jack, we can’t wait to see what your future holds!