Learn to Drive with a CDRS

“How do I get my driver’s license?” It is a question that we are asked often at MobilityWorks, and it is a question that Tim Brant and Brant’s Driving School has been answering for over 28 years. Tim Brant is the owner/operator of Brant’s Driving School and one of the many Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRS) in the country. Getting a license is a multistep process that requires a pre-driving evaluation including; vision, cognition, physical abilities assessment, a behind the wheel assessment utilizing different equipment, and finally training based on the evaluations.

Tim got his start working for the state of Pennsylvania back in 1992 as a CDRS at the Hiram G Andrews Center. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Physical Education with a minor in Traffic Safety from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 2003, Tim decided to strike out on his own and started Brant’s Driving School in Johnstown, PA. Tim never intended to become an entrepreneur, but saw a need that was being underserved. Today, Brant’s Driving School has 3 offices in Pennsylvania and 4 offices in Maryland with a business model focused on home appointments. Tim says, “People just like the convenience of us coming to their house.”

At MobilityWorks we work with CDRS’s across the country who make determinations of driver ability and need for adaptive equipment to get their driver’s licenses. As Tim puts it, “a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist or CDRS, is formally recognized as someone who plans, develops, coordinates and implements driver rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities and is proven proficient in the current knowledge of the profession. They are the gold standard in the field.” Tim continues, “The process to become a CDRS includes sitting for a written exam as well as certain education and practical experience. The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) is the national association that provides education and support for professionals working in the field of driver evaluation, driver training, and transportation equipment modifications. While ADED membership is not a requirement to become a CDRS, it is encouraged.” To find a CDRS in your area visit their website at www.aded.net.

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