ADED Can Get You Behind the Wheel

Photo Courtesy of ADED

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, also known as ADED, was established 40 years ago to help support professionals working in the field of driver education, training and equipment modifications.  With over 800 driver rehabilitation specialists across the US and Canada, ADED stands ready to meet the professional needs of its members through educational conferences, professional development activities and a professional certification program.

What is a CDRS?

A Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist works with people of all ages to find the perfect transportation solution. With professional backgrounds in healthcare or driver education, these knowledgeable specialists are able to come up with unique individualized plans for every driver. A CDRS must stay up to date with current adaptive technology in order to maintain their certification.

A CDRS will work with the mobility equipment dealer in determining the correct vehicle and package of adaptive driving equipment that best suits your unique needs.  The CDRS will train you in how to safely operate any prescribed adaptive driving equipment and will help you navigate the path towards obtaining your new driver’s license. Once your vehicle has been modified by the dealer, the CDRS will also perform a final fitting to ensure that the modifications best fit the driver.

How can ADED help you?

Their vehicle solution guide provides information on the types of conversions and equipment available. ADED also has created several “Disabilities and Driving Fact Sheets” that cover topics such as Spinal Cord Injury, MS and Stroke.

If you are looking for a driver rehabilitation specialist, you can do a search by state, Find a CDRS Here, you can also call the office and their friendly staff will be happy to assist you. 866-672-9466