How to Obtain a New Driver’s License and Hand Controls

Every wheelchair user is different, and many have the ability to drive even after an accident or illness. Depending on the level of function and mobility in the hands or feet, there is assistive equipment to help you drive a vehicle. However before you can purchase or drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you must first receive the proper
training to drive it.

Obtaining your license and assistive equipment can be overwhelming. MobilityWorks is here to help. As your resource for all things mobility, we will help you take the right steps to regaining independence. So how does one obtain a driver’s license and assistive equipment? Here we have some steps to consider.

1. Get a prescription from your doctor & contact a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist for an evaluation

You will need a doctor’s prescription and a valid driver’s license in order to receive your hand controls and your new license. The Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) will evaluate you and help determine what adaptive equipment you will need to drive safely and efficiently. There are various clinics and organizations in Ohio that offer CDRS services. Contact one of our mobility consultants and they can connect you with the closest and most convenient facility.

2. Behind The Wheel Training
As part of your evaluation, the driving specialist will require behind the wheel training, where you will learn to drive in real-life situations with the appropriate hand controls. In Ohio, you need approximately three to four hours of supervised driving. (It is important to note that the amount of required hours may vary.) Once the evaluation and behind the wheel training is complete, the CDRS must clear you and give you written permission to drive. After you have been approved, take the necessary documents to the BMV so they can print you a new license indicating your new assistive equipment.

3. Purchasing Your Accessible Vehicle

After you have completed the aforementioned process and are ready to purchase wheelchair accessible vehicle or make necessary adaptations, MobilityWorks is here to help. Contact your local store for a consultation and they will help you choose the vehicle that best accommodates your needs and your new assistive driving equipment.

When you find the perfect vehicle and are ready to purchase, we will need a copy of your doctor’s prescription, a copy of your approved evaluation, and a copy of your driver’s license, both front & back. The rest is simple!