Electronic Driving Controls

With the use of our sophisticated electronic driving systems, many people can assume the responsibility of driving for themselves again. MobilityWorks offers the largest selection of electronic acceleration, braking and steering control options available to match just about any type of auto, SUV or truck on the road.All of the hi-tech equipment we offer is manufactured by the most trusted names in the mobility industry. Our certified NMEDA QAP technicians custom fit your vehicle to the equipment specified by a certified driver rehabilitation specialist (CDRS) to meet your specific driving requirements.

Acceleration, Braking and Steering with Sophisticated Electric Drive-By-Wire Systems

“Drive-by-wire” means that the movements made by the driver with a steering input device (joystick, yoke, wheel, etc.) is converted into a digital electronic signal. A touch screen display operates a variety of vehicle functions.

Electronic Shift Controls

Smart-Shift® Intelligent Electronic Shift Controls can be installed into any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. A simple press of one key moves the desired gear automatically to one of the selected choices.

Universal Touchpad Console

The Econo-Series® Console System is a universal touchpad designed as an intermediate control for individuals that require access to commonly used functions such as ignition, wipers, lights, cruise control and fan speeds

Joystick Gas, Brake & Steering

AEVIT drive-by-wire systems can be utilized with a variety of different control devices. Styles include lever, joystick, and wheel orthotic options. A CDRS will prescribe a style that is specific to your physical abilities and vehicle.

Voice Interactive Controls (VCI®)

Voice Interactive Controls (VIC®) provides physically challenged drivers with access to important secondary controls while driving, such as: shifter functions; turn signals; horn; headlight dimmer; wipers; and many voice activated features.

AEVIT 2.0®, Smart-Shift®, Econo-Series®, and Voice Interactive Controls® are registered trademarks of EMC, LLC.