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MobilityWorks Now Offers Power Lift Chairs


For anyone with limited mobility, one of the biggest challenges can be getting in and out of that comfortable family room recliner. The solution to this, is the power lift chair which will actually raise and lower to reduce pain and stress on the muscles. Lift chairs offer all the comfort and style of a traditional recliner and come equipped with an electric motor located in the base of the chair. The mechanism is not visible and is controlled with a simple remote. Once safely in the chair, the occupant uses the remote to adjust the chair to a comfortable angle. Power lift chairs can achieve all the positions of typical recliners and come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles.

Select MobilityWorks locations now offer power lift chairs by Pride Mobility. Pride started manufacturing lift chairs 1986 and since then they have continued to grow and expand their mobility products. Now they also specialize in power scooters, scooter lifts, and power lift chairs. Pride recently announced that they are opening a new facility in Pontotoc, Mississippi where they will continue to manufacture American made lift chairs.

For more information on our Pride power lift chairs click here.  To see which MobilityWorks locations offer these products please visit our store product listing page.

ReWalk Exoskeleton 6.0 Cleared by FDA for Personal Use and SCI Rehab


As National Spinal Cord Awareness Month comes to a close there is big news! The ReWalk 6.0  robotic exoskeleton has been cleared by the FDA for personal and rehabilitation use. The ReWalk 6.0 allows users to stand upright, walk, turn and maneuver stairs and is designed specifically for users recovering from spinal cord injuries.

They have now sold over 100 personal systems and have over 70 rehabilitation training centers in North America. ReWalk is working with leading research universities such as Stanford and Harvard to improve upon their design and software. They hope that in the future they will be able to expand their technology to help users with mobility limitations such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Check out the video below to see the ReWalk 6.0 in Action!



MobilityWorks of Albany Grand Opening

The MobilityWorks Albany team in front of their new store.

It was a perfect spring day on Thursday May 19th for Albany’s Grand Opening Event! Customers came out for the opportunity to learn more about the new products at MobilityWorks, enjoy a free lunch, and the chance to win exciting prizes. Cooper, Albany’s team “mascot”, was ready to greet customers at the door and enjoyed all of the attention. Vendors from all across the country (and even Canada) set up booths to meet with customers and display their latest mobility equipment.

Albany’s General Manger Dean Pells was very excited to be able to show clients the new store. “Unlike many of our other locations, Albany has never hosted an open house of any sort and because of that we had many long time clients, influencers, VA personnel and Medicaid Service Coordinators looking forward to this day since we started planning it late last fall.” Dean also said he was thrilled that over 200 people were able to attend!

NMEDA Training

The day started off with a training session hosted by NMEDA for Physical and Occupational Therapists. Their Conducting Wheelchair Transportation Assessment (CWTA) class is designed to help train health care professionals on the proper way to safely operate all types of mobility equipment. They were able to see first hand how to use commercial lifts, the proper way to transport their patients and how hand controls allow people in wheelchairs to operate almost any vehicle.

The new MobilityWorks Albany NY store is located at 1892 Central Ave, Suite 25 Albany, New York 12205.


9 Useful Free Apps for Caregivers and Wheelchair Users

Do you have trouble finding accessible parking? Do you want help tracking medication? There’s an app for that. Read on for MobilityWorks’ 9 apps for caregivers and wheelchair users.

Scientists are closer than ever to curing a multitude of diseases with today’s advancements. Though many cures still need to be discovered, technology has made improvements for living with illnesses. The technology is at your fingertips more than ever before with applications and other devices. Read on to see MobilityWorks’ list of free iOS and Android apps that can improve the lives of people with disabilities. You can download these apps for your iPhone, Android or other device.

AXS Map. The AXS Map lets you find, rate and share accessible places.

Dragon Go!  Don’t let limited hand use stop you from staying on the web. Dragon Go! records your voice and figures out what you want to do.

ICE Standard with 911. This app can literally save your life. You can put your emergency health information on the lock screen of your phone so EMTs have access and you can easily call 911.

iComm. The iComm app helps children with disabilities communicate their wants and needs to caregivers. Bright, bold pictures let children inform you if they need food, want a toy, or something different.

iPill. For people who forget to take their medication, the iPill reminds you when to take it to keep you on track.

JABtalk. This application is designed to help non-verbal kids and adults communicate.

Physiotherapy Exercises. This app organizes a variety of exercises for  people with spinal cord injuries.

Symple. Have you ever been at your healthcare provider’s office and forgotten what you meant to tell them about your symptoms? Symple tracks your symptoms and is a health diary so you can track issues over the long term. Then, when you visit your doctor, you have your information organized to share.

MobilityWorks App. The free MobilityWorks app features vehicle photos, videos, inventory, rental information, rewards, our blog, upcoming events and more. The app is jam-picked with all the mobility resources you need to get back on the road.

These are just a small selection of the many apps available for caregivers and people with disabilities. There are many more apps ranging from 0 to hundreds of dollars. Take a look around your app store to see what else is available. The power of accessibility is at your fingertips!

The Sleek Chrysler Pacifica to Replace Grand Caravan and Town & Country Minivans

special kids fun
The Chrysler Pacifica, a modern minivan, will be replacing the Grand Caravan and Town and Country.

We are excited to share that Chrysler will soon be replacing the Town & Country minivan and Dodge Grand Caravan chassis with a more modern, updated 2017 Chrysler Pacifica vehicle. Customers will enjoy the fresh style and ample space.

Benefits of a Minivan

The minivan’s ease of use from the sliding doors to the lower ground clearance for entry are two of the reasons why many of our customers prefer these vehicles. Many have better gas mileage compared to large SUVs. The minivan can fit your entire family. One of the biggest drawbacks is the image of these vans. Chrysler took that into account when they interviewed 6 million minivan owners and designed the new Pacifica. Check out the amazing modern features that this Chrysler has to offer.

New Features

The Pacifica has a sleek exterior with a small grille on the front, LED taillights and a sporty silhouette.  The clean layout inside should transition to an easy to maneuver space when converted. Customers will enjoy the extra cubic feet added to the passenger and cargo areas. A small center console allows for easy storage including phones and keys. The bucket seats have a sculpted look that welcomes passengers. More chrome has been added for a striking design. Click here for more features of the Pacifica.

More Options

Chrysler also unveiled a plug-in hybrid minivan that can drive 30 miles on power alone. While we cannot confirm that our manufacturers will be able to convert this vehicle, it could mean more options for our customers in the future.

MobilityWorks is excited to continue offering the best and newest choices for our customers. No matter what type of accessible vehicle you are looking for, we are excited to be part of your journey to mobility independence. Check out these  pickup truck and sport utility vehicle options. We like to show our customers all the choices that can work for them.