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MobilityWorks is Dedicated to Accessibility for All

At MobilityWorks, passion for our customers drives us to find new ways to ensure our customers can go where they want to go, when they want to get there. By substantially increasing our selection of pre-owned vehicles under $30,000 and adding the opportunity for our customers to lease, we’re able to help more customers connect with what matters most.

Last year, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of MobilityWorks and people whose passion drives them in connection with what matters most. Recently, we lost one of our most passionate, Taylor Clark. Taylor was my business partner, my colleague, and my dear friend. He was caring and gracious, and he always made us smile and feel loved. His accomplishments in his profession are incredible, but are dwarfed by the terrific man that he was to all who knew him. He had so many in his life who loved him, including his wonderful family, and of course, all of us at TransitWorks and MobilityWorks. His dedication to improving the lives of those in need, his empathy and care for others, and his dedication to Accessibility for All, will be greatly missed by our team, and the entire mobility industry.

In his honor, let’s make Accessibility for All a reality.
Bill Koeblitz, Founder and CEO of MobilityWorks.

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Purchase Accessible Equipment Online Through MobilityWorks

We are excited to announce that you can now shop for over 100 different accessible products online at Our new online store offers power wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs, vehicle lifts, and accessible vehicle seating. By using our clients get the best of both worlds combining the ease and affordability of shopping online with the security of having a local outlet installing and delivering their purchase. With over 70 locations nationwide, there is a MobilityWorks location close by for most of our clients, but if there is not, in some cases we do deliver directly to your home.

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Major Technology Companies are Working to Improve Accessibility Awareness

Technology Companies Improve Accessibility Awareness

In recent weeks, several major technology companies including Google and Apple have released updates to help raise awareness for accessibility. Improving accessible features has been a major topic for large companies lately. Leading research institutions are studying how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make technology more accessible for all, and now two of the largest technology providers in the world have joined in to help raise awareness for improving accessibility.

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10 Things to Look for in an Accessible College Campus

Accessible College Tips

For students entering their first year of college, the experience of higher education can be overwhelming. There’s a new environment to adjust to, new friends to meet, a new roommate to live with and above all, a new campus and classes to navigate. All students want to choose a college that provides them with a fantastic education and experience. However, students with disabilities have to be sure to pick a college whose campus meets their accessibility needs too. College can be an amazing experience, but choosing a school which best fits your needs makes sure that it is. Below are ten things to look for when researching an accessible college campus, to help during the selection process.

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