Tesla to Toyota: Electric Hand Controls Create Customized Experience for Converted Vehicles

Hand control equipment offers another way for drivers to connect with what matters most by taking charge of their own transportation. But what options do you have when deciding which style is right for you?

Ashley Crook, Sales Manager for Sure Grip, joined us for our Coffee with Craig series to discuss the advantages of each design. Drivers can choose from four different styles that can be used by either left or righthand users:

  1. Push Rock
  2. Push Right Angle
  3. Push Pull
  4. Push Twist

While the ‘push’ action will always act as your brake, the second action will allow you to accelerate by rocking toward the ground, pulling down on a right angle, pulling the control toward yourself, or twisting the control similar to a motorcycle.

Sure Grip revolutionized the hand control industry with the addition of FeatherLite® products, which operate through electronic acceleration. You could say it was a perfect match of sorts when Jason Davidson brought in his all-electric 2020 Tesla Model S to our Alexandria MobilityWorks team to have these electric hand controls installed.

Tesla hand control installation

“The main reason I bought the Tesla was because it will save me over a hundred transfers in and out of the vehicle, since I no longer have to stop for gas,” said Davidson. “The Alexandria Mobility Works team did an outstanding job with fit and finish on the installation.” Now, his new hand controls will make it even easier for Davidson to get where he’s going.

However, you don’t have to drive an electric car in order to enjoy the convenience of electric hand controls.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that most new vehicles, if not all new vehicles, have electronic acceleration,” said Crook. “We just built a system that allowed us to redirect the OEM signal and instead of sending it to the gas pedal, you choose to send it to the hand control.”

These controls are not sold directly to the general public, but rather through a certified dealer network involving trained dealers, technicians, and sales staff throughout North America.

“We want the people that are working with the customers, the end users, to be knowledgeable, to be confident, to be able to sell, service, and install these products,” Crook said.

MobilityWorks offers a variety of hand controls including hi-tech electronic controls, spinner knobs and grips, and mechanical hand controls. Click here to learn more.

Watch the full Coffee with Craig episode below: