Big Surprise After Annual Trip to​ Dad’s Favorite Yogurt Shop

Tammy celebrates her new van with family and the MobilityWorks team

In many ways, the way we stayed connected to our loved ones in the past year changed drastically. In-person visits may have become phone calls, or annual vacations may have been postponed, but what never changed was the support that a community can bring. For one Las Vegas woman, a MobilityWorks rental appointment ended in the surprise of a lifetime thanks to her family, friends, and a lot of homemade keychains.

Tammy’s friend and hairdresser, Tamara, launched #projectmyjoy in 2019 to help her purchase an accessible vehicle. The campaign raised money in part by selling homemade keychains and accepting donations.

Tammy and her mother, Cynthia, contacted the MobilityWorks Las Vegas location in February to reserve a rental van. For the last two years, on the anniversary of Tammy’s father’s passing, they would rent an accessible van and take a trip to her father’s favorite frozen yogurt shop.

This year, however, would be different. What Tammy didn’t know was that #projectmyjoy raised enough money to pay for her new van!

Her loved ones, along with the MobilityWorks team, spent all week planning a surprise reveal for Tammy. The store agreed to rent her the van on one sneaky condition: she had to return it by 4:30 sharp. When Tammy and her mother pulled back into the lot that afternoon, the Toyota her father always wanted for her was waiting, decorated with a bow, signs, and balloons.


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When all was said and done, #projectmyjoy had raised over $19,000 from the sales of keychains, purses, masks, and other accessories. Members of the community contributed with donations as well.

Tammy’s accessible van gives her the freedom to connect with her loved ones, whether through a visit to a frozen yogurt shop or a trip to see her favorite hairdresser. Contact us today so we can help you “be there” for all of life’s important moments.

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