Lights, Camera, Action! College Grad Chases Dream of Career in Broadcasting

Headshot of Lizzie Breznay next to photo of her accessible van

2020 may have thrown an extra hurdle into the paths of those trying to reach their goals, but nothing can keep 20-year-old Lizzie Breznay from her dream of working in television. After recently accepting her college degree, Lizzie says she is ready to “carve my own unique path in the broadcasting industry.”

Lizzie’s passion for media began in the 8th grade when a local Pennsylvania reporter featured her in a news story. Her interest and enthusiasm introduced an opportunity for her to learn more about the world of broadcasting from the nearby television station, WBRE/WYOU. Over the years, Lizzie was given an up-close look at the work going on behind the scenes of a live broadcast. She has been featured in commercials, news stories, and was even co-host for a day on the local lifestyle show.

These experiences sparked an interest in Lizzie that led her to pursue a degree in audio video communications, which she completed in the spring of 2021. She plans to continue working with her local university as a content creator and apply to media outlets in her area for both on-camera and behind-the-scenes positions.

Lizzie and her family are all smiles on graduation day as she exits her accessible van in her cap and gown.

Lizzie’s journey to completing her degree was not a simple one. She is a full-time wheelchair user and often uses a device called a Tobii to communicate. The Tobii tracks her eye movements, which she uses to compose words and sentences. The Tobii then reads her messages aloud. However, this communication barrier has not prevented Lizzie from playing an active role in an industry that relies heavily on effective communication.

“I enjoy producing, editing scripts for news and weather, working behind the scenes in the control room, and the excitement and spontaneity of being in front of the cameras during a live television broadcast,” she says.

Having an accessible van from MobilityWorks has made it possible for Lizzie to continue her education and stay active in her community.

Using her Tobii device, she says, “Our accessible van allows me to overcome the transportation obstacle, be on the go, and achieve my goals without any barriers. Traveling in my accessible van gives me the freedom to enjoy my ride to and from school, the news studio, summer jobs, school-related functions, as well as family and community events and activities, going shopping, for a haircut, out to dinner, on vacation, and the list goes on and on. I can go anywhere, anytime in comfort, safety, and style, which is all very important and satisfying to me.”

Mother, Helene, echoed Lizzie’s thoughts, adding that their accessible van has made it much easier to transport her daughter as they no longer have to lift her from her wheelchair into a car seat and vice versa.

Lizzie’s ambition serves as a wonderful reminder that we cannot put our dreams on hold or wait for the “perfect” time to pursue them. Now is the time to get back in motion and keep moving toward your goals. We’re ready to help you get there.

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