Alabama Student Takes on Senior Year in Style with New Accessible Vehicle

High school senior, dressed up in formalwear, sits in his wheelchair in front of a shiny red 2022 Chevy Silverado
A Father’s Mission: Finding the Right Accessible Vehicle

Senior year can be the most exciting time in a teen’s life. High school is coming to an end, you are deciding what your next move will be after graduation, and you often have more freedom to hang out with friends or enjoy your last year of school activities. For 19-year-old Braxton Bradley, of Alabama, being a full-time wheelchair user was not going to stop him from getting the most out of his senior year.

His father, James, knew just how much senior year meant to Braxton. He made it his mission to find his son an accessible vehicle that would fit not only his mobility needs, but also his personality.

“He’s nineteen, so having him in the back of a van…it just wasn’t him,” said James. “It really needed to be a truck.”

With Braxton’s birthday and his senior year fast-approaching, James saw an opportunity to make these milestones extra special for his son by surprising him with an accessible 2022 Chevrolet Silverado. The truck had everything the family was hoping for – even the bright fire-engine red color was a perfect match for Braxton, who is a dedicated Crimson Tide fan.

The Big Reveal: A Surprise of a Lifetime

To protect the surprise, James brought Braxton’s wheelchair to our team in Tallahassee to ensure that the Silverado was the right fit for his son’s equipment. Once the fitting was complete, James was able to purchase the vehicle and start making the arrangements to present it to Braxton as an early birthday present. The family rented out their local Civic Center for his birthday party, where they revealed the truck.

Braxton got the surprise of a lifetime, and just like any other teenager in their first car, he’s been on the move ever since. As a student who is heavily involved in extra curriculars, having reliable transportation has allowed Braxton to participate in activities such as marching band, where there is often travel involved for football games.

“Sometimes there wasn’t a wheelchair accessible bus available, so he would have to use the truck, or it would be such a long trip on the bus that he would take the truck so he could stop and get out to stretch or use the bathroom,” said James.

Creating Memories: The Power of an Accessible Vehicle

In addition to extra curriculars, Braxton used his truck this year to attend other school functions including one of the most important events for a high school senior – prom night. It was a proud moment for James to watch his son participate in one of his last high school traditions as graduation approached.

“Every time I watch the video I cry,” he said. “The truck fit the night. You had a very nicely dressed young man, a beautiful woman and a sharp truck. You couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Making memories with friends and loved ones is a crucial experience for any teen. Braxton’s accessible vehicle gives him the freedom to explore his world and will support him in his next adventure after high school – pursuing a career in aviation.

By working with our Tallahassee location, our Certified Mobility Consultants were able to get to know James and recommend a vehicle to meet Braxton’s mobility and lifestyle needs. We often work with families looking for a mobility solution to help transport their children not only while they are young, but also as they grow. Contact us today to get connected to your own Certified Mobility Consultant and see how we make finding the right mobility solution easy through MobilitySelect!


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