10 Most Frequently Asked Financing Questions

Financing a vehicle with MobilityWorks is simple, and with accessible vans starting around $10,000, our finance department can help to easily get you into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Here are answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions our financing team hears:

Q) How do I start the financing process?

A) The first step in the financing process is to meet with a Certified Mobility Consultant to find the right accessible vehicle for you and your budget. Next, you will fill out a free and easy credit application either in-store or online. Upon completion, the application is securely delivered to our financing department, and they will begin working to find you the best interest rate available.

Q) Can I receive financing on any van MobilityWorks sells?

A) Yes, we work with a variety of lenders with programs for both new and used vehicles.

Q) Are there different financing options available?

A) We offer everything from leasing to short and long-term loans of up to ten years. Our team can custom tailor the financing to meet your budget and payment goals.

Q) Am I able to use money raised through fundraising as a down payment?

A) Absolutely, any money that you have raised, or an organization has raised for you, can be put towards a down payment on a vehicle.

Q) Can someone cosign if I don’t have any credit?

A) Yes, our financing can work with you to determine if a cosigner is needed and what type of cosigner is acceptable.

Q) Can you work with a non-profit who is paying for part of the accessible van?

A) Yes we can. Any money from non-profits, state or local funding, as well as veteran benefits can be used towards your vehicle. Here is a link to our grants and resource page where you can find available funding from every state: https://www.mobilityworks.com/financing/grant-assistance/

Q) How is my interest rate determined?

A) The interest rate is based on several factors which include: credit score, age of the vehicle, down payment and length of the loan.

Q) Can I use my own bank to finance an accessible vehicle?

A) You are able to use your own bank, however many banks struggle to finance the accessible equipment or conversion of the vehicle. The lenders we use have a program already designed to finance accessible vehicles, since most banks do not.

Q) Do you offer financing on equipment such as scooter lifts or transfer seats?

A) We do have financing on equipment with the same application process as our accessible vehicles.

What else does your financing department offer?

Our financing team offers industry leading protection programs for a fixed cost of ownership, including GAP insurance and roadside assistance. Our clients love having the protection of an extended service contract which can cover qualifying vehicles for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

Q) Does MobilityWorks offer financing for accessible home modifcations?

Yes, we offer financing solutions for stairlifts, ramps, and wheelchair platform lifts through Mobilityworks @Home.

Visit our financing page to learn more and find our credit application.

If you have any questions feel free to call us 877-357-0192 or send an email to [email protected]