Chrysler Summit

VMI Chrysler Summit

Our Chrysler Town & Country Summit wheelchair conversion van provides reliable ease of use and flexibility. With a fully-powered, fold-out ramp, the Summit conversion provides additional ramp navigation assistance and a price that appeals to the budget-conscious customer.

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Robust Design

Fold-out ramp has high side rails and accommodates 600 pounds.

Removable Seats

Front seats can be removed to create multiple seating options for greater independence and flexibility.

Manual Backup

If necessary, the ramp can be easily deployed manually.

Tall Entryway

54-inch door height is suitable for most wheelchair users.

A Quieter Ride

Engineered to minimize interior noise with extensive use of sound-deadening materials.

Clear Front Row

The front row floor is free of obstacles to accommodate wheelchairs of almost any size in the driver and front-passenger areas.