Wheelchair Accessible Van Saves Lives in Driving Accident

Over the summer, Sheila Harness and her family were driving back from a fun filled day at the Huron County Fair just outside of Cleveland, OH. Sheila’s son Adam was driving their 2012 Chrysler Town and Country van with a BraunAbility conversion back to their home in Lorain. With his Uncle Brad safely secured in his wheelchair in the backseat and his younger brother, mom and girlfriend all in the van, it was just like any number of day trips the Harness family enjoys taking.

Then, out of nowhere, Adam spotted a Ford F-250 barreling towards them driving the wrong direction at upwards of 65 mph! With quick reflexes, Adam swerved to his right avoiding a head-on collision and probably saving he and his girlfriend’s lives. Unfortunately, he was unable to avoid the truck completely as it swiped the entire side of their van leaving it completely destroyed, but luckily no one was seriously injured.

Now that months have passed since the accident, Sheila and her family are so happy to be alive. Sheila said that if they had not brought her brother Brad along that day, her family would’ve been riding in their small sedan. She knows that if that was the case they probably would not have all survived.

“We are so thankful for our van from MobilityWorks” Sheila states. “In the 5 years that we had it, never once was there an issue with the ramp or anything. BraunAbility makes accessible vehicles of the highest quality, and we are so thankful that this van saved our lives”

The Harness family recently purchased another BraunAbility conversion from MobilityWorks in Akron, OH. They decided to stick with a Chrysler, and took home their new accessible Pacifica! Sheila and her family planned on traveling in their new van to Franklinburg, MI this year for their family Christmas.