Veterans Day Tribute – Ways to Honor Our Veterans

Tomorrow, we honor all of the men and women who have served and are currently serving in our armed forces. Our veterans have sacrificed so much to protect our nation, and every year on November 11th we get the opportunity to thank them. Here at MobilityWorks, we strive to commemorate and recognize our nation’s heroes throughout the year, and tomorrow they and their loved ones will be in all of our thoughts and prayers.

There are countless organizations dedicated to helping veterans nationwide and many great ways to get involved in your community. Here are a few ways to honor America’s veterans on Veterans Day and throughout the year:

  • Send a Care Package – The United States Postal Service offers a free “Military Care Kit” including boxes, packing tape and customs forms that you can send to anyone who is deployed, but you can also send packages to veterans through organizations such as Wounded Warriors. A guide with ideas for creating a care kit can be viewed at the link below:

  • Volunteer through the Veterans Affairs (VA) – Every year the VA needs 11 million hours of volunteer time. They are always accepting volunteers and you can find more information at the link below:

  • Sponsor a Companion Dog – Organizations like Hero Dogs are committed to placing companion dogs with America’s veterans. You can learn more about the nonprofit based out of Maryland at the following link:

  • Donate to a Veteran – Organizations such as the Paralyzed Veterans of America are always accepting donations of clothes, appliances and lightly used house good items. You can even donate things like gift cards and frequent flier miles. Check out their website below to see if there is a drop off location near you:

  • Attend a Veterans Event – There will be hundreds of parades and events across the nation this weekend, below is a list of some happening in major cities:

We are honored to have over 100 veterans employed at MobilityWorks. Their patriotism, determination and will to serve others can be felt throughout our company on a daily basis. It is our privilege to work with these heroes who have sacrificed so much to defend our freedom. Thank you to the following members of the MobilityWorks family who have served in the armed forces:

Alice V Kienitz
Alveris Y. Tomassini
Andrew Kempt
Andrew R Dennison
Armando G Silva
Arthur Lee Burnette
Benjiman Sherr
Bruce Martin Wetherill
Casey A Beiter
Charles P Russo
Christopher Dryden
Christopher George Deloza
Christopher Thomas Frost
Craig D Hunter
Craig Justin Hirsch
David A Qualey
David Clayton McCue
David Eric Walker
David M Calvin
Desmon L Heyward
Donald J Kirkland
Douglas W Rawding
Edmund B Rinaldo
Edward Cayer
Edward L. Cox
Eileen Morris
Everett O. Smith
Francis J Narbon
Freeman H Lowell
Gavin E Pullen
Geoffrey S Creel
George E Peterson III
George F. Oehler
George L. St. Jacques Jr
Gisela R Thirakul
Gregory A Price
Ivelisse T Cruz
James A Craig
James A. Russ
James Cross
James E Merrihew
James E Norris
James K McKinley
James L Caudill
James Luther Hood
James Maguire
James T Hawks
James White
Jamie L Smith
Jason E Baylock
Jeffrey M Dugan
Jill M Blankenship
Joe S Keller III
Ivelisse T Cruz

John E Johnson
John F Fields
John Gillespie McCormack
Jose Lopez Rodriguez
Juan A Collazo
Katelyn Marie Hagans
Kenneth M. Gelinas
Kenneth R. Kerwin
Lawrence Ortiz Jr
Lawrence Putnam Burton
Lyle M Kientiz
Manuel Lopez Jr
Marcus R. Popp
Matthew P Yates
Michael D Reighn
Michael John Whitney
Michael T Sandborn
Miguel Vandillez
Milton Eugene Casey
Nathan A Ahrens
Neil A Balliett
Nichole M. Adams
Patrick A Henderson
Patrick D Lindstorm
Patrick D Murphy
Paul L. Johnson
Ray Anthony McKay
Richard Gebelein
Richard George Stevenson
Richard Phillip McLaughlin
Rick B Clifton
Robert B Harris
Robert Direnzo
Robert Hayes
Robert J Chase
Robert J Hutzley
Roger Edward Brown
Ruben Robles Alvarez
Samuel J Medeiros
Scott A Clark
Scott William Gabrenya
Steve E Crum
Steven A Mendlik
Steven R Riffle
Thomas D Chastain
Thomas Houghton
Thomas J Weimer
Thomas S Richardson
Timothy E Neal
Tracy Donovan Lego
William F Cranford Jr
William H Wintle III
William M Wood
William Wall