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New Unique Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices

WHILL Model A Wheelchair
Shown above is the WHILL wheelchair with advanced motion and complete terrain coverage. Photo courtesy of WHILL, Inc.

When it comes to wheelchairs, scooters and other hybrid mobility devices, the industry is always coming up with new ideas.  The unique options below are just a few examples that made our list to include in this article. Check out MobilityWorks’ selection of newer wheelchairs and mobility devices that you have to see.

WHILL Model ‘M’ Wheelchair

The Whill has been making waves in the mobility industry, especially with the Model M’s recent FDA approval. This beautiful wheelchair moves effortlessly with you to fit into your lifestyle. This chair is the world’s only mobility device to feature both 4 wheel drive and all directional wheels so that you can have high power over any terrain. Users will enjoy a smooth ride. You can even control the Whill remotely from a smart phone app!

RipChair 3.0

The Rip Chair is the ultimate off road chair and the only setup that accepts your existing chair, according to their website. This wheelchair is the perfect choice for wheelchair users who love the outdoors. You can add hand controls, cup holders, gun racks, fishing rod holders and more to customize your rip chair. You will enjoy the power and durability of this outdoor machine.

Pendel Mobility Scooter

The Pendel Mobility Scooter allows users to travel independently with your wheelchair. The Pendel is a fast alternative to a bike or taxi. In addition, the scooter is electric powered for a comfortable and smooth ride.

Standing Power Wheelchair

The Redman Power Chair allows users to stand, recline, tilt and stretch, offering you a new form of independence. This device is designed for comfort and flexibility so that you will never miss a moment. Redman even allows you to request an in home demo.

Scavelo-The Stair Climbing Chair

The Scavelo wheelchair was designed by students at a Swiss university. This wheelchair will allow users to climb stairs on a Segway-like device. Two rubber tracks are mounted at the bottom of the chair.

Rota Scooter

The Rota Scooter moves forward by the user pushing and pulling the central lever. Users will enjoy the efficiency and accessibility of the design. Since the wheels are below the scooter, you will experience an easier transfer with less strain on your wrists and hands. Rota products are some of the easiest manual devices to use.

TEK Robotic Mobilization Device

The TEK is a unique device that lets users board from the back and stand up. Users can bring the device closer with a remote control and then transfer to the chair. The TEK allows individuals with mobility challenges to move independently in the world.


Created by a combat veteran, the tankchair is an excellent choice for outdoor activities. The one-piece chassis offers confidence over any terrain. The durable rubber track system will work in all weather.

Cursum Adaptive Stroller

Being a new parent is challenging enough. Mobility difficulties can add more obstacles along the way. The Cursum Adaptive Stroller works with your wheelchair to give parents added security and extra independence.

Underwater Wheelchair

It’s still in prototype phase, but the underwater wheelchair has already allowed one artist with mobility challenges to scuba dive.  This mobility device is powered by two dive propulsion vehicles and steers with a fin.

You have many choices when it comes to your mobility independence.  MobilityWorks offers countless wheelchair accessible vehicles to fit every need. Whether you’re looking for a side or rear entry van, foldout or in-floor ramp, hand controls and more, we’ll be there for you every step of the way with our huge inventory of wheelchair accessible vehicles. 

Photo courtesy of WHILL Inc. — used with permission.

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