Tips for Making Your Easter Egg Hunt Accessible

Every year kids of all ages look forward to searching for hidden Easter Eggs filled with toys or candy. While traditional Easter egg hunts may not be easy for everyone to participate in, there are simple changes that can make the hunt accessible for everybody involved. Below are 7 simple changes that can create accessibility in your egg hunt this year.

  1. Adjust the Height of the Eggs
    While you may typically go to hide an egg under a bush or up in a tree, make sure that they are within reach of everyone participating.
  2. Use Magnetic Eggs
    Fixing a magnet to the end of a stick of fishing rod can make for an easy way to pick up eggs which have a magnet inside. This will prevent having to lean over and reach down to the ground to get the eggs, and it will add an extra element of fun to the hunt.
  3. Tie Balloons Around Them
    Tying balloons around lightly filled Eggs will help them to easily be found and picked up. Children will be able to go right up to the egg and pick them up from the balloon string instead of having to reach all the way down to the ground.
  4. Use Beeping Easter Eggs
    For those with vision impairments, using their sense of sound can be much easier. Buying eggs that talk or beep can be just as fun and much easier for kids to find. Once the eggs are opened, the sound shuts off making them easy to use for years to come.
  5. Move it Indoors
    Setting the hunt up indoors can have several benefits. Depending on where you live, unreliable weather can pose a risk to the ground becoming inaccessible or difficult to navigate. There are also plenty more hiding places that are within reach of everyone.
  6. Color Code your Eggs
    If you have children of different ages participating, assigning each child a color of egg to find helps to ensure that everyone will end up with the same number of treats. This will also help you to hide eggs in places with varying levels of difficulty, making it fun for each kid.
  7. Replace the Candy Inside
    Many kids have allergies or intolerances to traditional candies, especially chocolates or those with dyes. If their favorite candy or food that’s safe to eat doesn’t fit inside their eggs, try hiding a piece of a riddle inside each one. At the end, they can solve to receive their treat or reveal it’s location.

There are lots of ways to make sure your Easter Egg Hunt will be a success for everyone involved. However yours ends up, we at MobilityWorks hope you have a safe and happy Easter.