Prepare Your Accessible Van for Winter

While it is still almost officially a month away, this is the time to prepare for winter. Make sure that you and your wheelchair accessible van are ready for the frigid weather and dangerous driving conditions ahead.

There are several steps you should take to make sure that your van is ready to make it through the most treacherous driving season.

Check Your Battery

Cold weather is hard on any vehicle’s battery, but can be particularly trying on those in accessible vans. Your van’s battery is already providing additional power to electric power lifts, ramps, and doors. Have your battery checked to make sure it is in condition to make it through the cold months.

Also, remember that you will need to keep your battery charged. To do this, you should drive your van at least three or four hours a week. You may also want to upgrade your battery to one with higher cranking amps, higher energy reserves, and more starting power.

Winterize Your Accessible Van

Give your van a full winter checkup. Make sure that your wiper blades are in good condition and rated for the snow, sleet, and ice of winter. Check your brake, transmission, steering, and washer fluids as well as antifreeze. If any fluids are due to be changed, schedule the service. Top off any fluids that are low.

Check your tires for wear. Bald tires are particularly dangerous on roads covered in ice and snow. For extra traction, many people add snow tires to their van for the winter. You may also want to keep snow chains handy.

Prepare for an Emergency

Create a winter emergency kit in case you become stranded in extreme conditions. Include a cell phone charger, hand warmers, blankets, nonperishable snacks, water, and flashlights. These will help get you through periods trapped in your vehicle while waiting for roadside assistance.

Take Your Accessible Van to an Expert

To ensure your vehicle is prepared, schedule an appointment with a handicap accessible van service expert. Wheelchair Van Repair and Maintenance Service. A MobilityWorks service center technician will perform a 20-point mobility equipment inspection. They will also be able to recommend and complete maintenance that will help get you and your vehicle through the winter.

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