MS Awareness Month Kicks Off


hand holding an orange ribbon for MS awareness

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has had a very strong start to the third annual MS Awareness Month. Their “Together We Are Stronger” campaign, a continuation of last year’s theme,  encourages people living with MS to share their breakthrough stories. The purpose of this is to show examples of strength and courage to live the best life possible, with the hopes of inspiring the millions of people living with MS.

Anyone can visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Get Involved page and upload their own inspirational story or view the messages and photos that have been posted by others. We have selected just a few of our favorites that you can read below.


woman in green We're Stronger Together tee shirt for MS awareness


I am LIVING with MS…this is my shirt from this years Walk MS. My life has changed…and for the BETTER since my diagnosis. Did I want MS? No. But I wouldn’t change it for the fact that I’m a better person NOW! I’m a healthier person NOW. I’m a stronger person NOW! I live harder! I love stronger. I AM #strongerthanms


four people with the fifth on their shoulders




After months of tests, a neurologist diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis in May of 2008.  As I sat there in his office with my mom, he explained what the disease was. He said there currently wasn’t a cure – and he handed me a packet about the daily injections I was about to start.

I kept a smile on my face when I told my family and friends I had MS. I didn’t want them to worry, even though I was terrified.  Finally, a month later, I broke. I sobbed. I screamed. I was so angry. Why me? I remember sobbing into my moms chest as she hugged me and told me I would never have to handle this alone. That was the last day I ever asked: why me?

I have an amazing support system. My family. Ryan. My friends. My coworkers. You… Listening every morning and allowing me to share my story.

I now know why me. I’m strong enough to handle this. And the support I receive on a daily basis keeps me going. And I am stronger than MS. #WeAreStrongerThanMS

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