ScootaTrailer Any car. Any scooter. Anywhere.

The ScootaTrailer weighs a total of 285 lbs., and only places 35 – 75 lbs. directly onto your tow vehicle’s trailer hitch. If you choose to add the optional aluminum top, which only weighs 50 lbs., your total trailer weight will only increase to 335 lbs., making it one of the lightest enclosed transporters of mobility scooters and power chairs in the industry. Yet, one of the most impressive features is it’s 600 lb. carrying capacity!

Enclosed Transporter for Mobility Scooters

The ScootaTrailer™ is designed with a very low profile, only nine inches from the ground to the trailer floor. And, it is designed to allow a low center of gravity. Therefore, the angle of approach is very slim. Simply guide your unit while it powers itself into travel position as you walk beside it. You may back it on or go forward. The choice is yours. It will not affect the towing of your unit. Using the tie down rings and straps provided, secure your unit so that it remains stationary during transport.

  • Can be pulled behind any compact or sub-compact car*
  • Is safe at highway speeds.
  • Protects your scooter or powerchair from rain, snow and road dirt.
  • Requires no bending or lifting to load or unload.
  • Secures and shelters your scooter or chair.

*Requires a properly installed Class 1 trailer hitch by a qualified installer.