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Measuring Wheelchairs for Interior Maneuverability, Tie-Downs and Other Securement Devices

Measuring Wheelchairs for Interior Maneuverability, Tie-Downs and Other Securement Devices is a Critical First Step When Selecting or Modifying Handicap Vans
Not all wheelchair vans and tie-down systems are the same or will work properly for every type of wheelchair. Door height, ramp width, interior maneuverability, wheelchair lifts, seating positions inside the van and tie-down locations on the floor all need to be considered when ordering or modifying an existing wheelchair van. A MobilityWorks Certified Mobility Consultant (CMC) can explain these considerations to you and the reason why accurate measurements are necessary for planning your adaptive equipment installation.

Key Measurement Issues to Consider When Purchasing a Mobility Van:

Door Height – Will I be able to roll in and out of the van without hitting the top of my head?
Ramp or Lift Width – Is my chair too wide to safely roll up and down van ramp?
Ramp or Wheelchair Lift Capacity – Is my combined chair and body weight within the manufacturer’s capacity specifications?
Seat/Lap belt or Docking Securement – Do I prefer a seat belt type of wheelchair restraint or a docking station, such as an EZ-Lok or Q’ Straint Docking System?
Tie-Down Locations – Where in the van will I be positioned and how many tie-down points will be needed?
Retractable Tiedown Systems – Should I use retractable wheelchair tie-downs  based on my physical limitations or the limited interior space inside the van?
Interior Maneuverability – Is there enough space in the van for me to easily rotate and turn my chair?
Removable Seat Bases – Do I plan on being in the front as a passenger (or driver position with hand controls)?
Able-Bodied Passengers – How many other people will typically be in the van with you? Will they be able to enter and exit frequently without any major inconvenience to you secured in your wheelchair?

This measurement form (pdf) will help your mobility consultant with selecting the right securement product and placement of the tie-downs in your van.

Having these measurements ready when visiting with a mobility dealer may save you time and an additional trip, especially if the wheelchair (or person in the chair) is not available for the initial consultation.


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