Join Noah in a Race for All

Tricia Dennis’ son Noah has Schizencephaly, a rare brain malformation that in part prohibits him from walking and talking. Despite this, he has participated in sports most of his life, golfing and swimming every summer. Not only were these activities that he loved taking part in, but it was also important for his health to stay active.

After Noah started to speak, his mother was encouraged to keep her son as active as possible, to keep him happy and healthy. They recently came upon running, which Noah absolutely fell in love with doing. Shortly after, he was invited to participate in races and paired with a runner who pushed him through the course. He has participated in several races ranging from 5ks to full marathons, in several states across the country. During these races, Noah could only participate as an exhibitionist, meaning his race time was never scored or counted.

Tricia saw how much pride her son felt during these races and felt the current rules for chaired participants were not only unfair, but greatly failed at helping to bring normally to disability within society. She decided to make a change and establish the first race ever designed to remove barriers for disabled and chaired runners.

For the first time, veterans and children will be competing at their own pace, running with the cause instead of for it. There will be several different race categories and each participant’s race will be timed and scored. As word spread through social media, sponsors and participants have quickly shown their enthusiasm by joining the race. They will be bringing over 80 families into Orlando for the race on October 4th, 2020, and will have an outing together the next day at Busch Gardens.

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