Gina’s Mission to Break Down Barriers

After a diving accident left her a C5/6 Quadriplegic, Gina Schuh went on to graduate from law school and become an advocate for people with disabilities. With the rise of social media, she quickly noticed that there was a lack of people with disabilities using social media as an outlet for advocacy.

Gina started by creating a Facebook page to document her life and to share news and information with the disabled community. Her page provides a platform to educate all people on the discrimination and difficulties faced by those living with different abilities. Gina found that for those who are curious about the life of a wheelchair user, her Facebook page can provide
a level of anonymity from which they can watch and learn. For those who know first-hand about the struggles she faces, her page provides a place where information can be shared, and
discussions can ensue.

Social media has been an incredible way for Gina to break down barriers, spread information, and to connect with others. Yet with all of the people she’s come to interact with, it’s important for her to maintain a page which reflects the thoughts and feelings of everyone, not just of herself. She likes to share controversial topics like handicap parking, as she’s found that getting people fired up is the best way to get them to participate in discussions about disability.

Today, Gina is breaking down barriers by petitioning to require bed regulations in wheelchair accessible facilities to ensure beds are at the proper height and have the appropriate clearance levels under them. In just a few weeks, she’s gotten over 50,000 signatures — more than half of what is needed to be reviewed. To join Gina in conversation or her petition contact her on Facebook at @Ginaisonaroll.