Chive Charities Changes Lives with New Accessible Vehicles

Chive Charities is a nonprofit organization that works hard to provide people in need with funds that are life changing. They help people with rare medical conditions, veterans, first responders, and those in need of special education accommodations. Applications are submitted that explain the stories and hardships of the people in need- people who face unimaginable situations. Every month, the team at Chive Charities reviews the applications they receive and make a decision on which organization or family will receive the help they need. Those who donate are connected with the recipient’s story, seeing the ways their lives change throughout the whole donation process.

They take pride in providing funding and long-term solutions for people whose disability is often rare, excluding them from funding opportunities which are commonly provided by organizations dedicated to a specific cause. To date, they have provided over 456 pieces of medical equipment, 102 accessible vehicles, completed 115 renovations, and impacted the lives of thousands of people.

We at MobilityWorks have had the honor of helping to connect several families, who are recipients of Chive Charity’s funding, with new vehicles. One of these vehicles, a Dodge Grand Caravan, was given to an 11-year old girl named Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn was born with several conditions, namely Kniest dysplasia and Stickler syndrome. These conditions have caused her a multitude of problems including skeletal abnormalities, vision and hearing difficulties, as well as challenges when eating and breathing. In 2016, when she was just 8, her mother passed away suddenly due to a blood clot. Her aunt Vicki stepped in to take care of her, moving her several states away from her home. She has been thriving in her new home, but none of it was equipped to handle a wheelchair. In addition, the family’s vehicle was falling apart and was no where near safe for Jamie Lynn. Luckily, Chive Charities was able to help them become mobile with their new van- and it was even in the burgundy color she so badly wanted.

Jamie Lynn was just one of the people who was helped with a new van, there’s also Ryan, Gracie, Justin, Jonathan, and Avery- to name a few. While every family faces a different struggle, it is incredible to see the love and support they give to one another. The efforts from Chive has allowed families to live an eventful life without worrying how to safely transport their loved ones. To see more of their stories or how you can help, visit their website here.