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5 Tips to Prevent Wheelchair Theft

Unfortunately, wheelchair theft is on the rise in the United States. Sadly, with the Holiday Season also comes a spike in thefts – especially at malls, shopping centers, nursing homes and medical facilities. Everything from specialty wheelchairs to simple transport wheelchairs are being stolen from homes, businesses and hospitals. These criminals are typically disassembling the wheelchairs for scrap metal, just to make a few dollars. Read more

New Online Game for Post-Stroke Mobility Challenges

Mobility Mission

The National Stroke Association provides education and programs to patients, caregivers and the healthcare community.  For over 30 years they have been a trusted and free resource for families and friends of stroke survivors by increasing the awareness of life-saving stroke information. One of the most common myths about strokes is that they cannot be prevented, when actually up to 80% are preventable. The National Stroke Association does everything from publishing newsletters to sponsoring events, and most recently they created a new educational game for their website. Read more

What Is A Needs Analysis?


At MobilityWorks and other quality mobility dealers throughout the country, you will often hear the term “needs analysis” when describing what takes place at an initial visit. So what is a needs analysis? In very general terms, it’s a series of questions and answers, and the collection of key measurements, that a Certified Mobility Consultant uses to determine what the best vehicle conversion, or adaptive equipment, would best meet your specific mobility needs, lifestyle, family situation, and individual preferences. Not every conversion is going to be right for everyone , so it’s important to learn about different wheelchair ramps, lifts, hand controls, and seating options during this process. Read more

9 Tips for Planning Ahead and Making Your Home More Wheelchair Accessible


Your home should be a place of comfort and accessibility.

Use Federal and Local Resources to Fund Modifications

Are you planning to purchase a new accessible home or modify your existing one? For obvious reasons, ranch style houses are most often the easiest to retrofit for accessibility. If you need to remodel, check out sites like that can provide services and financial assistance for home modifications. Various programs can help with everything from roll-in showers to entry ramps. Additional resources provided by your state or local county government may also be available. Read more

Purple Delivery Offers On-Demand Gas Fill-Up Service to Your Home

Purple Delivery will bring gas to your vehicle. Read on for a free $15 off coupon code.

Southern California Service Offers New Way to Get a Fill-Up

MobilityWorks understands how important your time is. That’s why we are always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives more convenient. If you are in the Los Angeles, San Diego or Irvine area, you may benefit from a service called Purple Delivery that is working to minimize your time spent at the gas station.

“We launched Purple Delivery in May 2015 in a few Los Angeles zip codes,” Brandon Chaif, Strategic Account Director for Purple Delivery, said. “The whole idea started after a discussion about the inconvenience and frustrations of going to the gas station. We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to skip the station and save 15 minutes of your time?’ We decided to disrupt the gas industry by leveraging the latest smartphone technology.” Read more