MobilityWorks Announces New Bruno Chariot™ Lift on Wheels to Haul Electric Scooters with Smaller Vehicles

Finally! A solution from the mobility equipment industry for people who own smaller and mid-size cars that need to haul an electric scooter or power wheelchair.

The Bruno Chariot scooter and wheelchair lift is for smaller cars

Most scooter and power chair lifts (for external vehicle transport) require a minivan, SUV, or larger sedan capable of carrying a heavier load. That’s all changed with the introduction of the Bruno Chariot, being marketed as a ‘lift on wheels’, now available at MobilityWorks locations throughout the country.

“This new product fills a niche in this industry that’s been a long time coming” said Doug Curtis, National Sales Representative for MobilityWorks.

“Some folks really need the gas mileage a smaller vehicle provides. Until now, they had to sell their car and get something bigger.”

Bruno Independent Living Aids is a primary supplier to MobilityWorks
Now you can haul a scooter with a smaller size car such as this one shown above.

The patent pending Chariot has a swivel-wheel design that allows for a smaller compact or mid-size auto to pull it with a simple Class I or Class II hitch. What this means is that you don’t have to have one of those bulky, protruding ball-mount hitches seen on pickup trucks. It also has an independent suspension and can fold up when not in use. When folded, a smaller car and hitch combined will fit inside many standard home garages.

Scooters and power chairs can be driven on and off the platform from both sides and comes with a retractable tie-down securement system. The 350 lb capacity lift is powered by the car battery and is easily operated with the push of a button. A manual backup system is also part of the design should the battery fail in an emergency. Brake lights and turn signals that connect to the vehicle wiring system are also included in the package.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bruno Chariot, send an e-mail to [email protected]. A new web page and flyer will be available on the MobilityWorks website soon.

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