8 Wheelchair Accessible Activities in South Florida

Walk to Snook Island Florida

With colder weather moving in throughout much of the country, many people are looking for a warmer place to travel to. Florida offers an exciting range of activities, from popular theme parks around Orlando, to the many beach towns on the gulf and in the panhandle. If you’re looking for a place that offers a look into Florida’s culture, nature, and art, Southern Florida is the perfect region to explore! Here we have 8 accessible activities to try during your next trip to the Sunshine State.

  1. Beaches
    Florida is famous for its beautiful beaches, which there are over 650 miles of. Many of the beaches offer free beach wheelchairs with either a reservation or on a first-come basis. Check online to the area you’ll be traveling to for a list of accessible beaches and the best way to secure a beach wheelchair for your use.
  2. National and State Parks
    Throughout the state there are 175 State and 11 National Parks to explore. Whether you enjoy scenic views, going fishing and boating, or exploring the trails, there are accessible areas for you. The National Park Services and Florida State Parks have websites dedicated to mapping out the areas and levels of accessibility within each of their parks. A few areas in South Florida to check out are

      • Snook Islands Natural Area
        A newly-opened, 545 foot accessible boardwalk with a covered observation deck takes you around the southernmost island of this 118-acre are of wetlands. Here you can catch a boat from the docks, travel around for beautiful views, go fishing, or watch the birds and fish go by.
      • Hugh Taylor Birch Sate Park
        This park is an oasis located in the busy city of Ft. Lauderdale, making it their own “Central Park”. The sanctuary is a great place to see the nature and wildlife in the area during a trip to the cities of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.
      • Everglades National Park
        One of the most well-known natural features in Florida is a World Heritage Site, the home of endangered and rare species, an International Biosphere Reserve, and a Wetland of National Importance. Accessible boat tours can take you on a guided tour to experience the unique history of the Everglades.
  1. Coral Castle
    This mysterious castle was built by Ed Leedskalnin between 1923-1951. He spent those 28 years carving over 1,100 pounds of coral rock by himself without machinery, using a process that’s debated about to this day. It’s rumored that he used reverse magnetism or received supernatural help to build his creation, and he himself claimed he “knew the secrets used to build the ancient pyramids.”. However it was built, there are many incredible sights to see, including an 8-foot, 9-ton gate that can be opened with the push of one finger, and rocking chairs and a Polaris telescope made solely of stone.
  2. Frost Museum of Science
    With and 10 different exhibits, including an aquarium and planetarium, there is a lot here for a family to do. The 250,000 square-foot museum is spread out in 4 different buildings across 4 acres in Downtown Miami. They have many features to create a fully accessible facility, including an app that delivers audio descriptions, accessible seating in the planetarium, and accessible parking.
  3. Butterfly World
    Over 20,000 butterflies from around the world can be found here, the world’s largest butterfly park! They are also home to hundreds of rare birds that fly around their 6 Aviaries, as well as bugs, rainforests, and gardens.
  4. Norton Museum of Art
    The Norton of Museum of Art started from the private collection of Ralph and Elizabeth Norton, who was the head of the Acme Steel Company. In 1941 the building opened to the public and has grown to feature over 7,600 works of art and Recognition of Art by Women, RAW, a rotating solo exhibit for female sculptors and painters.
  5. Flamingo Gardens
    If you want to learn more about the natural and cultural heritage native to Southern Florida, you should visit this wildlife sanctuary. Since its opening in 1927 by Floyd and Jane Wray, the gardens have grown from 320 acres to over 2,000, with over 3,000 species of plants and trees.
  6. Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts
    This center was open to feature the works of local, current artists. There is a glassblowing shop, flameworking studio, fusing studio, welding center, fine art metal foundry, ‘working’ sculpture garden, and gallery. Some areas, such as the sculpture garden, allow you to watch artists as they create their works of art. There is also protected area with seating to watch other demonstrations.

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