2017 Roll On Capitol Hill

man in wheelchair at memorial with granddaughterThis coming June, United Spinal Association will host their 6th annual Roll on Capitol Hill event. People in wheelchairs, caregivers and advocates for improved accessibility will meet in Washington D.C. from June 11th to 14th. One of the main focuses of the event will be to convince lawmakers of the need for greater access to properly configured and medically-necessary wheelchairs for individuals with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

A major concern with the current Medicaid program is that the wheelchairs they provide to those in need are basic transport wheelchairs. Although they do provide both power and manual options, these wheelchairs are intended for short-term use and are not adjustable or fitted for the individual using them. Making sure that individuals are in a wheelchair that will work best for their medical needs is referred to as Complex Rehab Technology. This high-tech equipment requires evaluation, configuration, fitting, adjusting and programming.

On Tuesday, June 13th, hundreds of participants will get the opportunity to meet with members of Congress. They will discuss proposed policies and possible solutions to some of the largest challenges in terms of accessibility in America.  The 2017 Roll on Capitol Hill will conclude with an advocate recognition breakfast Wednesday morning.

View the video below for a recap of last year’s event, or visit www.unitedspinal.org to learn more about the 2017 Roll on Capitol Hill.

Good luck and safe travels to everyone attending, we know that your voice will help make a difference!