10 Date Ideas Perfect for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is already right around the corner, and this is the perfect time to spend with someone you love. Whether you want to stay home or go out, there are so many ways to spend your Valentine’s Day together. Below are some Ideas for dates to have an incredible time!

1. Comedy Clubs
Comedy clubs host a range of comedians and shows to ensure that you and your date will be laughing all night. It’s a great way to spend the night together, and can easily be accompanied by a visit to your favorite restaurant.

2. Movie
Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? Most theaters let you reserve your seats ahead of time, and there are always plenty of options for films choices.

3. Zoo
If the weather is nice enough outside, the zoo can be the perfect option. Roaming around the exhibits is enjoyable for just about everyone, and there’s plenty of space around to not feel cramped by other visitors.

4. Art Gallery/ Museum
As with other public buildings in the US, art Museums are required to be accessible for wheelchair users. This makes a great option because as long as you can see, you can enjoy the exhibits! If art isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other kinds of museums which can be interesting and fun instead.

5. Winery/ Brewery
As Microbreweries and craft wines become more popular, there are more options across the country for places to visit. On a nice day, a winery is a romantic and easily accessible space to tour. During the winter a microbrewery is a good option to tour, and maybe you’ll even discover a new favorite beer.

6. Nature Trails
There are so many trails across the country that are highly accessible, and they can be beautiful to stroll around. Bonus if you find an area by water to camp out and go fishing!

7. Bowling
Most Bowling Alleys Offer ramps so wheelchair users are able to enjoy this activity just as much as nonusers! Call ahead of time to ensure your alley has one and reserve it, then enjoy a fun game of bowling with your date.

8. Lectures
Find a subject that you’re both interested in and look for seminars that are being given! There are so many interesting things to take an hour or two and learn about.

9. Painting Class
Painting classes can be incredibly fun to do together, and you get something to take home after too! Enjoy a glass of wine and laugh as you try to paint the same picture as each other.

10. Game Night
When going out isn’t the best option, try staying in for a fun night playing games. You can show off your cooking skills or order delivery for a delicious dinner, then show off your competitive side with your favorite game!