• Chrysler Pacifica

VMI Chrysler Pacifica

The VMI Chrysler Pacifica wheelchair van combines our unrivaled interior space, 360˚ maneuverability, interchangeable seating, and in-floor ramp with the automotive industry’s most stylish and technologically equipped van.

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  • Clean, obstacle-free interior to maneuver 360 degrees
  • NEW 15” deep floor drop and 56” door opening height
  • Comfortably accommodates driver’s adaptive equipment
  • Unobstructed line of sight for driver and passenger
Chrysler Pacifica

PowerKneel Lowering Suspension

  • Northstar™ #1 selling power in-floor ramp
  • Access360® industry-leading interior space
  • PowerKneel® self-lowering suspension
  • VMIQ™ one-touch electronic control
360 seating

Interchangeable front seats


Northstar™ Power In-Floor Ramp

  • 800lb Capacity
  • SureDeploy™ Electronic Backup

VMIQ™ One-Touch Electronic Control

  • Automatically Deploy & Stow Ramp
  • On/Off Ramp / Control

Access360® Interior

  • Unobstructed Maneuverability
  • 59” Headroom

PowerKneel® Lowering Suspension

  • 8° Ramp Angle
  • 5.25” Ground Clearance

Interchangeable Front Seats

  • One Seat Fits Both Sides
  • Roll and Click Locks
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