Top 5 Wheelchair Accessories for the Summer

As awareness on the topic of accessibility continues to improve, more companies are starting to pay attention to the needs of all consumers. Several products have recently been brought to market that are specifically designed for users in wheelchairs. Here is a list of 5 wheelchair accessories to look for this summer:

Bags or Totes
Purses and backpacks can be a real hassle to carry when traveling long distances in a wheelchair. A wheelchair Bag by Vive®  is available on Amazon for $14.99. This bag from Pembrook straps on over the armrest has five pockets and is reflective at night from up to 100 meters.

Seat Cushion
An added seat cushion can help give wheelchair users a much more comfortable ride. There are hundreds of options available online with different materials to choose from. One of the highest rated models on Amazon is made by Duro-Med® and has three different size options.

Cup Holder
This simple idea is actually a really helpful addition to any wheelchair. Medline sells an easy to install cup holder that can fit almost any wheelchair.

LED Light
LIfe Mounts makes a high powered LED utility light that is perfect for anyone traveling alone at night. The water-resistant and shockproof 300 lumen light easily mounts to any wheelchair and has three lighting modes:

Arm Rest
One issue with many power chairs is that the armrests are too narrow and sometimes even uncomfortable. Posey® has come up with a solution with their soft vinyl lateral arm support.

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