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Walking With Anthony

As announced in December, MobilityWorks partnered with Walking With Anthony, taking part in the #TakeAPie4SCI Challenge. Walking With Anthony is an incredible organization committed to serving those with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs). The organization was founded by Micki Purcell, who was inspired after the experiences and difficulties she and her family faced during recovery with her son Anthony. She helps families in so many ways, always providing them with hope and encouragement.

Anthony Purcell was injured during a diving accident in 2010, which injured his neck and his C5 and C6 vertebrae in his spine. The initial rehabilitation he faced was intensive, and typically lasts 3-6 months for injuries of the spine. For Anthony, his insurance ran out after just 20 days, which shocked the Purcell family and fueled their efforts. In addition to these financial burdens, Anthony faced the emotional turmoil that came from having to adapt to a completely different life. He felt hopeless at times and struggled with depression, as is common for those with SCIs. Despite this, Anthony has worked to help people effected by SCIs with hope and support, as he knows too well the struggles they face.

Walking With Anthony helps families by raising awareness, supporting SCI research, increasing rehab centers, and providing financial and emotional support to those affected by SCIs. First-year expenses alone, on top of additional lifetime expenses, can amount to over a million dollars, expenses which the organization works to help pay. They are committed to improving the road of recovery and empowering individuals to never stop improving their condition. They have built a community of support for people and families effected by SCI, to help endure during such extremely difficult and confusing times.

To participate in the #TakeAPie4SCI Challenge:

  1. Take a pie, any pie, or just cover a paper plate with a bunch whipped cream.
  2. Grab a friend, pull out your phone, click record + let them slam that pie in your face!
  3. Nominate three of your friends to do the same and tag them in your Instagram post.
  4. Post your video with the hashtag #TakeAPie4SCI, and be sure you are following @walkingwithanthony.


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