March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

traumatic brain injury awareness month graphic

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), the nation’s oldest and largest brain injury advocacy organization, was founded over 40 years ago by individuals who wanted to improve the quality of life for patients who had sustained brain injuries. The mission of the BIAA is to advance awareness, research, treatment, education and funding.

Estimates are that between 3.2 and 5.3 million Americans live with long-term disabilities resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI), and that those disabilities cost more than $76 billion each year. According to the BIAA, someone in the United States sustains a brain injury every 9 seconds.

As part of their efforts to increase awareness and advocacy, the BIAA has designated March as Brain Injury Awareness Month.

The theme for the 2018-2020 Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign is Change Your Mind.

The #ChangeYourMind public awareness campaign provides a platform for educating people about brain injuries, as well as the needs of those people living with them.  The key goals of the 2018-2020 #ChangeYourMind initiative are:

  • De-stigmatize brain injury through outreach within the brain injury community
  • Empower those who have survived brain injury (and their caregivers)
  • Promote the many types of support that are available to people living with brain injury

By visiting the Brain Injury Association of America website ( you can get involved and help! By downloading their Awareness Communications Toolkit, you will be provided with brain injury facts and statistics as well as information on 2020 legislative issue briefs.

In addition, the toolkit provides you with tips on how you can use your social media to help increase awareness, how to write letters to editors of local media and elected officials on the topic and/or how to host fundraisers.

With the support of the entire community, the Brain Injury Association of America can continue to work to conduct research and provide quality resources and support to those living with brain injury.

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