Veterans Mobility Safety Act Passes in Congress

Several veteran and mobility related organizations have been working together for months to help get House Bill 3471 passed.  Known as the Veterans Mobility Safety Act, it now only needs President Obama to sign the bill into law which is expected to happen later this month.

The Veterans Mobility Safety Act will require vendors who supply veterans with accessible equipment to demonstrate compliance with quality and safety standards. The money that veterans receive for accessible products comes from the Automobile Adaptive Equipment program (AAE). Organizations such as Paralyzed Veterans of America and NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association) applauded the new regulations.

“Requiring that vendors offering AAE services be certified in accordance with minimum quality and safety standards is simply a matter of common-sense.” said Dave Hubbard, CEO of NMEDA.

Several other veteran-related bills passed in the house this week and will now go to the senate for consideration. An amendment to the No Hero Left Untreated Act calls for a one-year pilot program. Under this act, veterans returning from overseas will receive free care and treatment for conditions like PTSD, TBI and chronic pain. The Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act of 2016 was created last week. It will require the Department of Labor to better recognize employers’ efforts to recruit and retain veteran employees.

Here at MobilityWorks, we are proud to assist our veterans every day, and we thank them for their service and sacrifices. Click here for more information on Veterans Assistance Resources.

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