Veterans Benefits Administration Increases Special Auto Allowance


Beginning October 1, 2016, eligible Service Members and Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities were granted an increase in the VA Auto Allowance program of (no more than) $20,235 toward the purchase of a vehicle. This is a one-time lifetime grant. Those qualified for the automobile grant may also qualify for the adaptive equipment grant, which is not limited to one time use.

It’s important to note that all individuals need to have prior VA approval before purchasing a vehicle.

Adaptive Equipment Eligibility

Certain Service Members and Veterans may also be eligible for adaptive equipment grants. This type of equipment may include things like power seats and special equipment necessary to assist the eligible person into and out of the vehicle. Wheelchair lifts and scooter stowage devices are other examples.

As with the Auto Allowance program, all individuals must have prior VA approval before purchasing any adaptive equipment.

Scheduling a Needs Analysis at MobilityWorks

Veterans who qualify for the Automobile and Special Adaptive Equipment Grants are encouraged to contact a MobilityWorks consultant to schedule a free needs analysis and ingress/egress assessment with your current wheelchair or mobility scooter. We can also help you to obtain the necessary requirement and procedure information from the local VA Medical Center. Conversion manufacturers and other industry suppliers may also provide veterans with discounted pricing and/or rebates.

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