Three Accessible Colleges Near Ohio

Accessible College Tips

It’s that time of year again, when high school students are visiting colleges. Finding a college to apply to can be a stressful task for everyone. But for a student in a wheelchair, it can be even more stressful because of the importance of finding accessible accommodations. If you or someone you know is looking for an accessible college in the Ohio area, here are 3 options:

Edinboro University
Location: Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Size: 5,585 students

Offering associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees, Edinboro University has something for everyone. They offer 14 associate degrees, 130 baccalaureate degrees, and 16 graduate degrees. Edinboro has an Office for Accessibility Services that offers services like academic aides, assistive technologies, meal and homework aides, van transportation, and writing specialists to help accommodate those that need accessibility assistance. Edinboro has clearly identified crosswalks, elevators, ramps, an elevated bridge, and accessible classrooms to allow those in wheelchairs to best access and get around the campus. As for adaptive sports, Edinboro University offers wheelchair basketball and air rifle target shooting. For more information on accessibility at Edinboro, check out their website.
Cleveland State University
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Size: Over 17,000 students

Located right in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Cleveland State University is a great accessible public university option that has over 175 academic programs from which to choose. Cleveland State offers bachelor, graduate, doctoral, and law programs. Cleveland State is also a more affordable option when compared to other public college options. Cleveland State University has a full Office of Disability Services where custom accommodations are crafted for each individual. To find out more about their disability services, check out their website.
Wright State University
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Size: Over 19,000 students

Just outside of downtown Dayton, Wright State University offers over 230 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs which leaves many options for students. Wright State University also has an Office of Disability Services where accommodations can be requested. Wright State University has adapted recreation programs including adapted aquatics, intramurals, and other activities. Wright State has accessible on-campus housing as well as an underground tunnel system that gives access to almost every building on the main campus. For more information on Wright State University’s accessibility, check out their website.

Choosing a college can be a hard decision. For a student in a wheelchair, it can be harder than it is for most. Students in wheelchairs need to make sure that the colleges meet their accessibility needs. For students looking for accessible colleges in Ohio and near Ohio, Wright State University, Edinboro University, and Cleveland State University are all options to consider. For more resources for wheelchair users, make sure to check out our other blogs.