Checklist for College Students on Move-In Day

After deciding on a college to attend, the next challenge for incoming students is moving in your belongings. This process is stressful for everyone involved, and can be even harder to make sure everything is accessible. Here we have five things to do before move-in day to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Contact the School Ahead of Move in
    Make sure to contact the University and ensure they have communicated your accessible needs to your RA and RD. Also make sure there is a working elevator, ramps, and anything else you may need. This will hopefully also bring you some peace of mind during the days you spend preparing for moving in.
  2. Try to move in early
    Some Universities may allow you to move in a day or two early, especially if you need special accommodations. Avoiding the chaos that comes with everyone else moving in can be well worth the few extra dollars they charge for the overnight stays. It will also give you the opportunity to take your time moving everything in and getting it set up, without feeling rushed by everyone else.
  3. Find the closest parking
    Double check online that there is close parking, and that the path from your car to your room will be navigable. The last thing you want is to get right to the building and see you have to carry everything you own across the parking lot to get there.
  4. Request helpers to move in
    Most schools have upper classmen at every dorm to help freshman and sophomores move in. Call and see if they will designate one to help you and your family specifically. They will be so helpful and make the process go by so much faster!
  5. Set aside time to go to the store
    Don’t forget that after you see your room and get everything moved in and set up, you will most likely need to go to a near by grocery store for anything you missed or even just for some food. Make sure you schedule this time into your day, or plan to go the next day if you’ll be there for a few.

Moving in to school can be a stressful time, but planning ahead can make sure everything is easy to accomplish.