New Online Game for Post-Stroke Mobility Challenges

Mobility Mission

The National Stroke Association provides education and programs to patients, caregivers and the healthcare community.  For over 30 years they have been a trusted and free resource for families and friends of stroke survivors by increasing the awareness of life-saving stroke information. One of the most common myths about strokes is that they cannot be prevented, when actually up to 80% are preventable. The National Stroke Association does everything from publishing newsletters to sponsoring events, and most recently they created a new educational game for their website.

Mobility Missions is a game show-style trivia challenge featuring a robot host named Robby.  The four categories of questions the participant is required to answer are: physical condition, stroke facts, regaining mobility, and safety at home. After answering each question the player has the option to follow a link in order to learn more.  This game will help you gain a better understanding of post-stroke mobility challenges such as spasticity, paralysis, foot drop, as well as management and treatment options you can discuss with your doctor.

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