Hand Control Spinner Knob with Wireless Connection to Secondary Functions


For some people using hand controls to steer, accelerate and brake, quickly turning on the windshield wipers or using the turn signals can create a challenge. SURE GRIP’s Easyspin RF360 wireless hand control product, now available at any MobilityWorks location, can help people with physical disabilities to operate commonly needed secondary functions while driving their vehicle.

The Easyspin RF360 spinner knob utilizes precise radio frequencies to operate functions of the car wirelessly. This includes being able to do things like turning on the windshield wipers, honking the horn, and operating the turn signals – all without moving your hand off the spinner knob!  The RF360 also allows the user to customize the secondary functions to control aspects such as power windows, cruise control and even the radio.

Contact a Certified Mobility Consultant to talk about the possibilities of adding the Easyspin RF360 spinner knob  to your vehicle.



Keith Howell was in his early teens when he became a quadriplegic, but still had the desire to drive on his own. After trying several models of hand controls he finally found one that worked for him. Unfortunately, that company went out of business so he started working on a design of his own. Now over 20 years later he is the President of Howell Ventures LTD who manufacturers the SURE GRIP line of adaptive driving equipment.

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