Commercial Van Division Announces New Liberty Minivan for Taxi Market

MobilityWorks new Liberty Division wheelchair commercial minivans

Most people reading our blog or following us on Facebook know MobilityWorks for its consumer wheelchair van showrooms, service and rental centers. In the business world, however, we also lead the industry with commercial-use accessible vans used by our business clients throughout the country. Today, MobilityWorks announced the acquisition of Liberty USA of Michigan, a prominent reseller of rear-entry minivans to commercial fleet owners. We will also be selling a new minivan conversion under the Liberty brand name.

This opportunity to expand our offerings came about as demand for accessible vans in the taxi market has steadily increased over the last two years. New state and city government regulations have been pressing taxi fleet owners in certain areas to have a minimum percentage of their vehicles to be wheelchair accessible. This has been a long time coming for people who live in larger metro areas, such as New York City, and rely heavily on taxis for transportation. With the cost of fuel taking a larger bite out of their profits, these taxi companies are exploring van alternatives that can provide better gas mileage and lower maintenance costs. This announcement will also affect our consumer stores, as some of the Liberty minivans will also be made available for personal-use sales.

wheel chair mini-vans for disabled
This new Liberty rear-entry wheelchair accessible minivan is a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan.

MobilityWorks isn’t new to converting minivans for rear-entry accessibility. In fact, MobilityWorks has been building Dodge, Chrysler and Toyota wheelchair minivans for three years, in addition to its well-known Ford Transit Connect conversion. The difference with Liberty is in the engineering details of the design and the experience they bring to our commercial division.

“Liberty is a well-respected name in the commercial fleet business” said Taylor Clark, President of MobilityWorks Commercial.  “They give us the expertise we need to best serve and grow the minivan taxi market.”

With a new focus on minivans, and new innovative products like the Flex-Flat Ramp for rear-entry vans, MobilityWorks Commercial will provide the Taxi, Senior Care and Hospitality industries with a lower cost, lower maintenance vehicle needed to efficiently transport people in wheelchairs.

For more information on MobilityWorks’ new Liberty minivans, visit our Commercial Vans website.

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