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Introducing the Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Pacifica

Have you heard about the new Chrysler’s Pacifica? Maybe you’ve seen the commercials about the reimagined minivan being “good for your dad brand” or heard about their groundbreaking Uconnect technology.  Over the past few weeks, brand new wheelchair accessible Pacificas have been showing up at MobilityWorks locations throughout the country!

Search Our Chrysler Pacifica Inventory Here! Read more

Hand Control Spinner Knob with Wireless Connection to Secondary Functions


For some people using hand controls to steer, accelerate and brake, quickly turning on the windshield wipers or using the turn signals can create a challenge. SURE GRIP’s Easyspin RF360 wireless hand control product, now available at any MobilityWorks location, can help people with physical disabilities to operate commonly needed secondary functions while driving their vehicle.

The Easyspin RF360 spinner knob utilizes precise radio frequencies to operate functions of the car wirelessly. This includes being able to do things like turning on the windshield wipers, honking the horn, and operating the turn signals – all without moving your hand off the spinner knob!  The RF360 also allows the user to customize the secondary functions to control aspects such as power windows, cruise control and even the radio. Read more

Hand Controls on a Porsche Panamera!

Let’s face it. Anytime there’s an opportunity to add a Porsche picture to a blog, you have to do it. And with good reason. While many of our clients also drive their vehicles with the use of hand controls, we don’t see them very often on a luxury sports car like a Porsche.

MobilityWorks installs a variety of driving aides and turning seats on all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We’ve even done a few race cars and off-road vehicles over the years. Today, we’d like to share the photo below provided to us by MPS Corporation. Read more

MobilityWorks Introduces the ScootaTrailer


MobilityWorks is excited to announce that we have a brand new way for our customers to haul their scooters. Weighing only 285 lbs, the ScootaTrailer will allow almost any vehicle to transport a power mobility scooter. The ScootaTrailer can be safely towed with any Class 1 trailer hitch for stress-free hauling with your existing auto, truck or SUV. The easy-to-load ramp makes it an affordable, practical option while also protecting your mobility device from nature’s elements. Read more

MobilityWorks Now Offers Power Lift Chairs


For anyone with limited mobility, one of the biggest challenges can be getting in and out of that comfortable family room recliner. The solution to this, is the power lift chair which will actually raise and lower to reduce pain and stress on the muscles. Lift chairs offer all the comfort and style of a traditional recliner and come equipped with an electric motor located in the base of the chair. The mechanism is not visible and is controlled with a simple remote. Once safely in the chair, the occupant uses the remote to adjust the chair to a comfortable angle. Power lift chairs can achieve all the positions of typical recliners and come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. Read more