5 Tips for Booking Accessible Hotel Rooms

With the travel season getting busier you may find yourself needing a place to stay away from home. With all the hotel options out there, it can be difficult to find and book an accessible hotel room. Below we’ve listed five great tips on booking accessible hotel rooms.

  1. Narrow down a List
    Cities should have several options of hotels that have accessible rooms. Bigger chains and newer hotels are most likely your best options as they update their technology and features more often.
  2. Determine Your Needs
    ADA compliant rooms do not necessarily offer everything you will want or need. Take note of specifics, like if you need room for a lift under your bed or a roll-in shower. Look for pictures online or request some from the hotel if you are unsure.
  3. Call the Hotel Directly
    You will want to call directly to double check you will have everything you need. Ask specific questions, like if there are any accessible features the hotel may offer, such as a gym or pool.  Calling also lowers the chances that the reserved room you make will be given to another guest.
  4. Read Online Reviews
    No one knows how a room will work better than someone who has stayed there. There are many sites where people may post reviews, pictures, or suggestions of their experience staying in the hotel room. This can be very useful to you when deciding which hotel is best to book with.
  5. Leave a Review of your Stay
    Take pictures and leave descriptions of the parts of the features that did or did not meet your needs to share with others. The experience that you have there could be very helpful to someone else searching for a room, or for yourself if you return to the area.

Knowing what features you need in your hotel room can make the booking process much easier. Following these steps will ensure that  your focus can be on your time away, not on navigating through your own room.