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8 Accessible Haunted Locations in the United States

exterior of the Ohio State Reformatory

All across the country, spooky stories and historic legends have led certain places to be widely considered as haunted. A visit to any of these places is sure to scare you into the right mood for Halloween. Whether or not any paranormal activities actually occur there is something you’ll have to decide on for yourself.

  1. Queen Mary Ocean Liner  Long Beach, California
    The RMS Queen Mary was once the most luxurious cruise ship in operation. She sailed the rich and famous from 1936-1939, after which she became a troopship for Allied soldiers during WWII. Today you can make a visit to experience her historic grandeur, or take a slightly more sinister tour of the haunted areas onboard.
  2. Trans-Allegheny Asylum  Weston, West Virginia
    This Asylum was in operation between 1864 and 1994, when it was forcibly closed. It is the largest hand-cut stone building in North America, reportedly second in the world only to the Kremlin. This incredible feature only adds to the creepiness of the now deserted building. Their First Floor and Criminally Insane Tours are both fully accessible to wheelchairs.
  3. Congress Plaza Hotel  Chicago, Illinois
    Since its opening in 1893, the Congress Plaza Hotel has become a staple in Chicago, hosting presidents, diplomats, and other famous figures. For several years, Al Capone lived and conducted business here, where he’s still rumored to frequent. Those staying in Room 441 often report odd happenings, which even inspired Stephen King’s novel 1408.
  4. Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    This former prison looks like an elaborate castle and was one of the first buildings in America to have running water and heat. Famous inmates include Al Capone, whose cell has been replicated for visitors today. It was in operation from 1829 to 1971 and now offers tours where you can explore the history of the prison.
  5. The Biltmore Estate  Asheville, North Carolina
    George Vanderbilt built this 250-room summer home in the style of a French chateau between 1889 and 1895. The home is the largest in the United States at 175,856 square feet. Visitors today claim to hear George or his wife Edith around the property.
  6. Ohio State Reformatory  Mansfield, Ohio
    This prison was made infamous as the filming location for the movie The Shawshank Redemption. Due to its long and violent history, it is often cited as being an extremely haunted location. Call ahead to book an accessible tour which will take you through many cites including Cellblocks, Solitary Confinement, the Central Guard Room and Bullpens.
  7. Bodie State Historic Park  Bodie, California
    Visit a deserted gold-mining ghost town, now frozen in time. Bodie was once a thriving town home to almost 10,000 people, which boomed after its purchase in 1877 by the Standard Company. You can roll up and down the streets to see the buildings that still remain today including an eerie mill, a church, homes, and saloons.
  8. The Driskill  Austin, Texas
    Several stories contribute to the supposed haunters of this grand hotel. Since 1886, this hotel has been known as an iconic landmark of Austin. They have accessible rooms to stay overnight in, to see if you can encounter one of their long over-stayed guests.

While these haunted places offer tours year round, many also offer special Halloween ghost tours or special events. If getting scared and meeting ghosts is how you like to celebrate the holiday, make sure to take one of the spookier tours offered. Happy Hauntings!


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