Acceleration, Braking and Steering with Sophisticated Electric Drive-By-Wire Systems

  • Electrical Driving Controls
  • Electrical Driving Controls
  • Electrical Driving Controls

Electronic Driving Controls

With the use of our sophisticated electronic driving systems, many people can assume the responsibility of driving for themselves again. MobilityWorks offers the largest selection of electronic acceleration, braking and steering control options available to match just about any type of auto, SUV or truck on the road.

All of the hi-tech equipment we offer is manufactured by the most trusted names in the mobility industry. Our certified NMEDA QAP technicians custom fit your vehicle to the equipment specified by a certified driver rehabilitation specialist (CDRS) to meet your specific driving requirements.

Electronic Spinner Knob

The SURE GRIP Easyspin RF360 is an electronic spinner knop that utilizes precise radio frequencies to operate 6 secondary functions wirelessly, interfacing with CANBus, LinBus, and Bluetooth Funtions. Click here for more information on other spinner knobs.

Infrared Secondary Control

J-Series Orthotics - Joystick

Removable steering wheel knob with WIRELESS infrared keypad that is added onto the steering wheel to control 11 secondary functions on any vehicle.

Electronic Accelerator

An all-in-one electronic accelerator and mechanical brake system. The lever is available in either a left-side or right-side steering column mount option.

Sticksteer Secondary Conroller

L-Series Orthotics - Gas/Brake
The Sticksteer is a small WIRELESS removable keypad that attaches to your steering wheel, to give you fingertip control of 11 functions.

Electronic O-Ring Accelerator

W-Series Orthotics - Steering
The Over-Ring accelerator interfaces with your vehicle’s systems providing smooth acceleration and control by applying pressure on any point of the ring.

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