Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Industry Feeling the Impact of Global Microchip Shortage

If you have noticed the lots of your local car dealerships appear emptier than normal, you are not alone. The ongoing global microchip shortage continues to impact the auto industry in several ways, including the availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles. As production and delivery from manufacturers is delayed, consumers have encountered unique challenges in the search for their perfect vehicle.

What is causing the microchip shortage?

According to Forbes, several factors contributed to the shortage, creating “the perfect storm for automakers.” As more and more people found themselves working from home in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lower demand for cars prompted many automakers to cancel orders for microchips. Some factories were shuttered temporarily, and microchip manufacturers shifted their production capabilities to focus on products that were high in demand for those stuck at home, such as smartphones and laptops.

As the auto industry quickly began to make a strong comeback, factories were unprepared for the sharp surge in production it would take to keep up with demand. Workers returned to the factories but were greeted with a scarce amount of chips to work with.

A massive fire at one of the industry’s biggest chip suppliers in Japan only exacerbated the issue, leaving automakers with limited inventory and forcing some to increase prices.

What is MobilityWorks doing to minimize the impact on our clients?

At MobilityWorks, we remain on a mission to provide you with the mobility, independence and personal freedom you desire. With the largest selection of wheelchair vans for sale, we are going above and beyond to meet the demand brought on by the microchip shortage. With over 90 locations nationwide, our teams are determined to find the right vehicle for your unique needs.

MobilityWorks also offers flexible financing options designed just for you. Through August 31, 2021, we are even offering our 36 Month Buy Back Guarantee – an industry-first program! Three years after you purchase a 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with Quiet Ride™ technology, we will buy your vehicle back for a guaranteed price.

As the auto industry changes, one thing never will: We remain dedicated to helping you find the right mobility solution so you can “be there” for all of life’s big moments. Click here to see our available vehicles and contact us today to schedule your appointment! If you don’t see a vehicle that meets your needs, contact us. New products are arriving daily and we will work with you to find a solution.

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