No More Bad Days, Just Challenging Moments

As a motivational speaker and a current Ambassador for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Scott Chesney loves to do Instagram take overs, create vlogs and blogs and present to people from all walks and wheels of life. His audiences include: people with and without disabilities; at the VA; in rehab hospitals and assisted living facilities; along with healthcare professionals and caregivers. To him, social media can be heaven, connecting you with others you may never have had a chance to be connected to, or like hell if you let it isolate you. As Scott will tell you and his students at Seton Hall University, “By getting out and experiencing more, it will help you get to know yourself more.”

For Scott, life is very clear, there are no more bad days, just challenging moments, like having to drive into New York City two days prior to their family trip to Europe to get his wife’s
passport renewed or teaching his daughter how to drive. To his family and those who meet him he is the optimistic Phil Dunphy in Modern Family who easily makes lemons into lemonade.

Scott has traveled to over 40 countries, walked on his hands over hot stones with Tony Robbins holding his legs and most recently had a documentary filmed about his life and adaptive surfing.
According to Scott, “these are only small aspects of my life.” They make me unique, but they don’t disconnect me from others.” When asked about his greatest accomplishment Scott will
tell you it is simple — “gratitude”. He is grateful for every person he meets and believes every person has a message for him and he has a message for each person. Every day, he goes out of his way to meet new people. In 1997, he spoke to a group of physical therapy students and he met his beautiful wife Pat. Maybe one day you will be fortunate enough to meet him.


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