MobilityWorks Announces Nationwide Leasing Program

We are excited to announce that every MobilityWorks location now offers leasing options on accessible vehicles. Since 1997, MobilityWorks has been dedicated to finding innovative solutions for our clients. Recently, the focus has been on how to provide “accessibility for all”, and adding a nationwide leasing program is one step towards achieving this.

MobilityWorks Director of Financing David Wolfe has worked with banks around the nation to secure the best options and rates available for leasing on accessible vehicles.

“Here at MobilityWorks we are so much more than a traditional car dealership, but we also want to make sure that we offer the same conveniences they have available. Our leasing program will help continue to make accessibility for all a reality, and provide affordable and reliable transportation options.” Said David about the new program.

MobilityWorks has the largest selection of accessible vehicles in the nation. With 73 locations across the country, our team is here to make sure you can connect with what matters most. Click here to view our inventory of over 1,500 wheelchair accessible vehicles.

For more information on our leasing program, or to speak with a Certified Mobility Consultant, please call 877-275-4907 .  You can also learn more here and see current offers.