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Kate is Living the Dream

Kate Mellor is an incredibly ambitious young woman, who recently fulfilled her dream of traveling across the United States. She flew from London to Los Angeles, where Kate rented an accessible vehicle from MobilityWorks and drove all the way to New York City!

When Kate was 11 years old she watched the show “Friends” for the first time and immediately knew she wanted to visit America. From that day, it became her dream to travel to the United States and for the next 12 years she planned and researched. Late in 2016, Kate started a GoFundMe that ultimately reached her goal of 10,000 euros to help cover the cost of her adventure.

On April 17th, Kate along with a few of her closest friends and caregivers boarded an airplane and headed for Los Angeles. They were greeted by Kyle from MobilityWorks in Beverly Hills who met Kate and her travel companions at the airport to go over all the features of their rental van.

The group explored Los Angeles for over a week and visited the Hollywood sign, Universal Studios, and even caught the taping of an episode of CBS’s Big Bang Theory. From Los Angeles, Kate and her friends headed for Las Vegas where they stayed a few nights to explore the Vegas Strip and the Hoover Dam. On May 1st, they visited the Grand Canyon which Kate describes as the most stunning and spectacular sight she had ever seen.

It took the group almost two weeks to travel across the Western states making stops in Salt Lake City, Cheyenne and Omaha. Kate and her friends enjoyed a few days in Chicago before setting off on the last leg of their journey across the Midwest which included a quick pit-stop in Canada to see Niagara Falls.

As the driving portion of their trip came to an end, Kate’s friend talked about their rental van they named “Wilba” in a post on Facebook:

“Our final part of the road trip has begun. Slight confusion as we went out of New York State to get to New York City but we are heading in the right direction! Stopped off to grab some food and for some final pictures with Wilba. Wilba has been an amazing van to drive, I don’t go around hugging many vehicles. Thank you so much MobilityWorks, you have been incredible. Kate wouldn’t have been able to do this trip without you.”

While in “The Big Apple”, Kate’s parents and sister flew in to enjoy the last leg of her adventure. They saw a show on Broadway, enjoyed Memorial Day celebrations, took a boat around the Statue of Liberty, and of course enjoyed some NYC style pizza. On June 5th, Kate and her family all arrived safely back in London.

Kate describes the favorite part of her trip as just America itself and was thrilled to be able to experience our beautiful and diverse country. We are so glad you enjoyed the United States Kate, and hope to see you again soon!

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